Company Knowledge

Company Knowledge Management Module

Share knowledge items such as company manuals, guidelines or even memos with your teams.

Document your best practices and solutions to common problems with MODO's Company Knowledge module.

MODO's Knowledge management module helps your company in capturing, storing, sharing and effectively managing the knowledge and experience of employees to increase your workforce's overall knowledge. Its primary goal is to improve efficiency, productivity and retain critical information within the company.

Store all your of knowledge data in a secure and centralized knowledge management platform with MODO.

What is a Knowledge Management Module?

MODO Knowledge Management allows you to share knowledge with your team in a self-service document repository. Articles, white papers, user guides, operational procedures, FAQs, online assistance, APIs, and other types of content may all be published and managed.

Information at your team's fingertips

You can control who has access to the knowledge based on different parameters

  • everybody
  • user account
  • user group
  • account type

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